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CopperDisinfector LLC

CopperDisinfector™ Antimicrobial Chemical Free Peel-N-Stick Tape Rolls

CopperDisinfector™ Antimicrobial Chemical Free Peel-N-Stick Tape Rolls

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Following sizes are available

8 inches
12 inches
24 inches
32 inches

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CopperDisinfector™ Patent Pending, Antimicrobial Copper, EPA Reg., Chemical free, Green, sustainable, Made In the USA, Peel-N-Stick Foil Tape uses proven Antimicrobial copper to disinfect Touch Surfaces.

Available in a variety of widths and installs in minutes.CopperDisinfector ™  reduces disease-carrying bacterial pathogens on surfaces.

Independent studies has proven, Antimicrobial Copper destroys and disinfects many types of microbes and diseases on surfaces including virus, bacteria and other disease carrying pathogens *

How it works

CopperDisinfector™,  antimicrobial copper ions immediately attack and destroy bacterial pathogens, significantly reducing the risk of contagion. Our antimicrobial Peel-N-Stick foil tape is available in various widths, making it perfect for any surface size. It is designed for easy installation and lasts up to 300,000* cycles, or 2 + years.

CopperDisinfector ™  is a cost–effective (< $20.00*) solution for keeping your surfaces disinfected.

CopperDisinfector ™ Antimicrobial Peel-N-Stick foil tape can be used for many applications.

Uses: Medical, offices, homes, restaurants, elderly care and: 

Door hardware and handles, shopping carts, handrails, bathroom fixtures, door push plates, doorknobs, handicap railings, cart handles, armrests, theaters, sporting seats, cups, water bottles, elevators, gym equip, bed rails, laboratory equipment, pens, senior home surfaces, computers, desks, medical touch surfaces, schools, restaurant surfaces, offices, restroom surfaces, medical surfaces and more....

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