Brad Hollander

UVC LLC’s / CopperDisinfectors Founder and Inventor of “UVC for HVAC”, Brad Hollander, has been the leading expert and patent holder in germicidal disinfection products and systems for air, surfaces, and water since 1976. The inspiration behind his life-saving technologies is simple:

"The air you breathe and the surfaces you touch are making you sick.”

A world-renowned disinfection expert, Consultant and voting member for UL regulatory committee, inventor, designer, consultant and manufacturer, Brad’s expertise was most recently instrumental in finding an effective EPA-Reg. disinfection solution(s) during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

From the medical industry, Department of Defense, wastewater disinfection, healthcare industries to the private workplace and everyday consumer, Brad and his team has developed many systems and strategies to mitigate and disinfect disease causing virus, bacteria, pathogens and microbes, ultimately, saving lives.

Brad has founded several companies for over four decades in the disinfection industry. He founded UVC LLC™ in 1998 to continue developing, manufacturing, consulting, and private labeling products for the UV and germicidal disinfection industries worldwide.

His expertise and innovation have influenced an array of businesses and the industry. He was appointed three times to the UL Regulatory Standards Committee and is currently on the UL STP Committee as a voting member and past committee chairman. He’s consulted with several Fortune 500 companies and helped businesses working in government, aerospace, food processing industry, COVID-19, wastewater treatment, cruise ships, and the growing industry. 

While other UV companies private label existing products and claim to be unique, cutting-edge innovation, invention, and vertical integration set UVC LLC™ apart from the competition. Brad has patents in the US and worldwide, developing products like UVC lamps, ballasts, and systems from scratch. It is the only way to guarantee the safest, most affordable, and most effective air disinfection products.

Founder of, in addition to “UVC for HVAC,” Brad also developed the patent-pending CopperDisinfector™ Touch Surface Disinfection System. The EPA Reg., green, long-lasting, and low-cost technology is chemical free, green, USA Made, sustainable line of products and retrofittable to almost any surface.

Above all, Brad not only believes in the power and effectiveness of these Chemical Free germicidal disinfection technologies but also believes they should be accessible and affordable to any businesses or consumers who want them.