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University of Arizona Research

Aug 23, 2022

University of Arizona researchers sampled bacterial content on 85 grocery store shopping carts in various West Coast cities, they found that cart surfaces had exponentially more bacteria than what they measured in over 100 public restrooms, which included toilet seats and flush handles.

Dr. Charles Gerba

“According to Dr.  Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona, the amounts of bacteria found on these surfaces were higher than those found in public restrooms, which can be a concerning thought,” Johnson said. “However, that is likely due to restrooms being regularly cleaned, which is usually not the case with shopping carts and baskets.”

Food protection trends

A December 2012 study in Food Protection Trends detected coliforms — including E. coli — on 72 percent of shopping carts. Researchers noted that this finding indicated far greater bacterial levels than those discovered in public restrooms

CDC Recommendation

CDC recommends to disinfect your shopping cart handles upon arrival at the supermarket.

Protect yourself from germs

Research showed that grocery store carts are one of the dirtiest things you touch can all day — worse than public restrooms. As public restrooms might get cleaned throughout the day, shopping carts usually do not.

Cover those handles

Budget grocery store shopping carts have 270 times more bacteria than your toilet handle. A budget grocery store cart has 8,112 bacteria colonies per square inch, while a toilet handle only has 30 bacteria colonies per square inch



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