Installer’s Guide

Tools you’ll need

Make sure you have the following items before you begin installing CopperDisinfector (also referred to as CD in this document):

Safety tools

  • Wear protective gloves
  • Safety glasses and face shield to protect the eyes and skin when using the CD cleaners.
  • Drop cloths and masking are needed to protect surrounding surfaces and materials when applying CD cleaners.

Installation tools and accessories

  • CopperDisinfector approved squeegee
  • Non-permanent marker and straight edge or ruler to mark the top and ‘edge lines’ on the surface before application.
  • Scissors or Exacto knife to cut the CopperDisinfector film to the desired size.
  • A heat gun for removing any prior material from the surface.
  • The CD surface cleaner (you purchase with the product) to prepare the surface for installation
  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Cleaning pads.
  • Soft cloth, CopperDisinfector squeegee to smooth out air bubbles after installation.
  • Soft clean rags, paper or cloth towels to clean the surface at the end of installation.

Points to remember

Take a look at this section before you begin:

  • Wear safety glasses when performing any installation or cleaning. If sanding a surface, wear a respirator mask to prevent inhaling dust.
  • Surface that is irregular or rough will show through CopperDisinfector so smooth surfaces work best for a good appearance.
  • Try a less-visible area when you first apply CopperDisinfector. Quality installation results from practice.
  • Removing CopperDisinfector from a surface can damage the surface. If you need to remove a prior installation, use a heat gun to soften the adhesive for easy removal.
  • If applying outdoors, make sure it is not raining or the temperature is not below 60 degrees F for good adhesion.
  • Do not reuse CopperDisinfector. If a piece needs removal, replace it with a new piece.
  • Minor wrinkling does not affect the effectiveness of CopperDisinfector but you probably want a surface with as few wrinkles as possible for cosmetic reasons.
  • Do not use contaminated adhesive. If the adhesive has fingerprints or dirt on it, cut out that section before installation.
  • WARNING the edges of CD may be rough or uneven when installed. CD is metal and sharp, wear gloves to protect fingers and be mindful of clothing.
  • Use a razor blade or similar tool, and a ruler to remove any rough edges and achieve a straight line.
  • Remove or cut away lifting edges caused by damage, dirt or contaminated adhesive during installation or use. 

How to apply CopperDisinfector

Review these steps to complete installation:

  1. Prepare the surface with surface cleaner.
  2. Pre-cut CopperDisinfector and test fit on surface.
  3. Apply CopperDisinfector.
  4. Wipe the copper surface clean with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

Prepare the surface

Follow these steps:

  1. Remove any loose or peeling paint or corrosion and sand the surface to a smooth finish. Surface roughness shows through CopperDisinfector because it is a relatively thin material.
  2. Use surface cleaner to create a surface free of oil, dirt, dust or other soil. This step is essential to ensure that the adhesive bonds properly with the surface.
Note If necessary, use a heat gun to remove any old adhesive material on the surface from a prior installation. Do not overheat or the surface will damage.
  3. Make sure the surface is completely dry before you apply CopperDisinfector. This step is especially important if you are conducting installation in the open.
  4. Clean with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

Precut and test fit

To test fit:


  1. Measure and test-fit pieces of CopperDisinfector and lay them out on the surface to verify everything fits together. If needed, use Scotch tape to hold pieces to a vertical surface while doing this.
  2. Ensure you have enough product to finish the entire job and some extra to account for mistakes.

Install CopperDisinfector

Position CopperDisinfector on the surface

To position:

Use the non-permanent marker to mark ‘edge’ lines on the surface to guide your installation. Make sure the pieces fit together along these lines.

Apply CopperDisinfector

Install CopperDisinfector in straight lines only! Going in any non-straight direction will create a wrinkle. Fit pieces together by butting surfaces to one another.

To install on a clean, flat surface:

  1. Apply the pre-cut pieces of CopperDisinfector, one piece at a time. Peel off the adhesive backing first from the selected piece before laying it on the surface. 

  2. If you have made a mistake in your installation, remove the film right away. Do not reuse the material. Replace with a new piece.
  3. Apply pressure to the installed surface. Using CopperDisinfector-approved squeegee, press down on the surface from edge to edge, to ensure good adhesive contact, remove any ‘bubbles.’ 
 Note If the material does not stick to the surface, it means that either the surface was dirty or the adhesive became contaminated. Remove the installed film immediately, clean and dry the surface, and install a new piece of material carefully.
  4. Use CD Surface Restorer to remove tarnish or discoloration. Wipe and rinse dry.