Do I need special tools to install?

Refer to the Installer’s Guide and Videos for details on the tools you need.

How much CopperDisinfector material do I need?

We recommend applying CopperDisinfector to all touch surfaces.

For example:

To cover a 24″x24″ square table you need a piece of CopperDisinfector 24″ wide on each end.

Always allow extra material for testing and mistakes.

How hot or cold can a surface be during install?

*Surfaces exposed to direct sunlight can be warm during installation (anywhere from 60 ℉ to 120 ℉). After applying, the acceptable temperature can be in the range of -20 ℉ to 155 ℉. Must warm CopperDisinfector and the surface to a minimum of 60 ℉.

Do not install on normally-heated surfaces of appliances such as heaters, stove tops or burners.

Does moisture affect installation?

Surface must be dry at the time of installation. Once installation is complete, moisture on the surface will not affect CopperDisinfector.

How do I prepare a surface to install CopperDisinfector?

See Videos.

Surface preparation and careful application of CopperDisinfector is the most important part of the process. This ensures a good look and long life when installation is complete.

The surface should be clean, dry, and free of surface roughness. Any roughness or “imperfections” in the surface will show through CopperDisinfector after installation.

Start by using a heavy-duty cleaner to clean the surface. If the surface is dirty or has any oil or contaminants on it before installation, the adhesive backing will fail, causing the edges to lift off the surface.

Final cleaning use 70% alcohol.

How do I smooth wrinkles when installing?

See Videos.

The best way to avoid wrinkles is to see the installation video and read all instructions. We suggest practicing on a non-critical surface to learn the best technique for installing.