How do I know when it's time to replace CopperDisinfector?

Consider the following factors for replacement. If any of them are true, then you should replace CopperDisinfector:

  • Is the surface damaged or rough so that it could cause injury to hands or clothing?
  • Is enough copper surface damaged or missing to reduce the disinfecting properties?
  • Does the surface look bad?
  • Is the surface discolored by use, abuse, age or improper cleaners or chemical exposure?
  • Is the surface tarnished by excessive moisture or salt air (corrosion)? CopperDisinfector does not rust or corrode like steel; however, it does tarnish and turn green if not cleaned properly.

If the surface is only discolored or dirty, restore it with the CopperDisinfector surface cleaner. If this is not possible, replace CopperDisinfector.

How do I remove CopperDisinfector from the surface to which it is attached?

The longer CopperDisinfector stays applied to a surface the stronger the adhesive becomes. If CopperDisinfector has been on a surface for a long period, it may take more effort to remove it. After practice, you may be able to peel off the old CopperDisinfector in sheets. Use a heat gun to help soften the adhesive. Then, peel off the copper layer. Be careful not to overheat the surface or make it too hot to touch. 

Be careful when removing CopperDisinfector, edges are sharp.

How do I replace damaged areas?

CopperDisinfector can be removed from a surface and replaced. In an emergency, place another layer of CopperDisinfector on top of the damaged areas. However if the surface is rough it will show through. For this reason, we recommend you carefully remove the damaged layer prior to re-installation.

When should I clean the surface?

Clean the surface when it becomes visibly dirty or discolored. In order to maintain the highest level of disinfection from CopperDisinfector it needs to be cleaned regularly. If CopperDisinfector gets excessive dirt, fingerprints or oils will reduce the copper’s effectiveness to disinfect. Clean the surface daily or when the surface gets dirty. Use CopperDisinfector cleaners to clean the copper side of the surface.

How much pressure do I use when cleaning?

Use moderate pressure when using CopperDisinfector-approved cleaners and cleaning pads.

Fine scratches can improve the antimicrobial action.

Where do I buy approved cleaners and pads?

CopperDisinfector sells specially-formulated cleaners and cleaning pads that won’t harm the surface of copper film and maintains the highest level of disinfection. Our cleaners are specially-formulated to maximize the Activated Surface of CopperDisinfector. Non-approved cleaners and cleaning pads may damage the film’s surface and reduce disinfection.