Can I use the water bottle disinfector inside the water bottle?
Use only on the surface of water bottles. Do not use on bottle spout or inside water bottle due to chocking hazards and possible sharp edges causing a cutting hazard. only use on outside of water bottle
Do I need to replace any hardware to use CopperDisinfector?
No, CopperDisinfector works with most types of surfaces. What’s more:

● CopperDisinfector needs no downtime for installation.
● CopperDisinfector last for years.
● CopperDisinfector is replaceable, if damaged.
Should I install CopperDisinfector myself or schedule an Installer’s service?
CopperDisinfector is designed as a D.I.Y. product.

If you want a mostly-wrinkle free and long-lasting installation, we recommend a trained installer. CopperDisinfector is flexible and a handyman can install it easily with a little practice. Refer to our Installer’s Guide and Videos for details. Alternatively, you can schedule an installer’s service when you purchase the product.
Where do I find an approved installer?
Please go to our list of installers to find an installer closest to you. If you can’t find an installer/dealer please contact us for more information.
Can I use CopperDisinfector on outside surfaces?
Yes. The adhesive is waterproof, once installed. Over time the surface may corrode (turn green, if not cleaned regularly) when exposed to weather, especially rain/humidity or salt air.
Can I use CopperDisinfector on food preparation surfaces?
We do not recommend CopperDisinfector for use on surfaces where food is prepared (counter tops, stove tops, grill plates). CopperDisinfector is not NSF-approved and torn bits of copper can get into the food, causing a hazard.
Will CopperDisinfector fail if exposed to the sun?
No. CopperDisinfector uses our proprietary copper alloys and is safe for sunlight and exposed areas.
Can it be installed in fog?
Not a good idea; moisture damages the adhesive and backing materials. You should ensure a completely dry surface prior to installation.
Do CopperDisinfector surfaces require cleaning?
Touch surfaces attract dirt and fingerprints. CopperDisinfector surface needs to be cleaned regularly for the highest disinfection action. Use only CopperDisinfector cleaners and cleaning pads or damage to the copper surface may result.
How often should I replace the copper film?
If the CopperDisinfector is damaged or the edges come off the surface, replace immediately. CopperDisinfector is metal and exposed edges can be sharp.
Can I sign up to be an installer?
Sure. We are currently looking for quality installers/dealers in the US and Canada. We encourage candidates who have worked as laminators or have installed window film or auto wrapping to apply.
Who do I contact if my shipment is delayed?
Go to the order tracking page with your order number.
I scheduled an installer. Where do I call for a follow-up?
You should contact the installer on the installer’s page.
I did not schedule an installer's service during the purchase. I realize I need one now. Who do I constact to schedule this?
Please go to our list of installers to find an installer closest to you. If you can’t find an installer please contact us for more information.