CopperDisinfector™ is the answer to effectively Disinfect Your Life

Use CopperDisinfector Stickers for your most frequently touched surfaces to reduce 99.9% of bacterial microorganisms. Support us on our campaign launch, through Indiegogo!


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    In Copper We Trust

    EPA-approved (N° 97293) Antimicrobial Copper Technology

    Destroys 99.9% of bacteria on touch surfaces

    Effortless 24/7 antimicrobial action

    Simple Peel & Stick Adhesive

    Responsibly sourced and made in the USA

    Chemical Free

    Surfaces your touch can make you sick

    Most daily cleaning products, such as wipes and hand-sanitizers, are toxic short-acting products.

    CopperDisinfector™ products are green chemical-free antimicrobial technology that disinfects your touch surfaces and objects 24/7.


    Utilize on a vast array of surfaces and objects

    Phones, tablets, laptops & their respective cases | Gym equipment | Hardware Tools | Door handles, handrails, bars, table tops | Other surfaces

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    We donate a percentage of our sales in CopperDisinfector™ to persons in need

    Surface-borne disease cases are surging once again, our germicidal disinfection technology is a crucial step in keeping our community safe. We strive to break the cycle of infection to especially protect our children and elderly.

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