Your Business Needs Antimicrobial CopperDisinfector™ for Door Handles

Your Business Needs Antimicrobial CopperDisinfector™ for Door Handles

Do you know how easy it is for bacterial microbe causing diseases to spread at work?

All it takes is one person to sneeze into their hands and then touch a door handle. Before you know it, the entire office is infected! This is why your business needs CopperDisinfector™  antimicrobial foil for door handles. 

UVC LLC and CopperDisinfector™ products are EPA registered and independently tested to mitigate disease causing bacteria, viruses, and food born illnesses.

CopperDisinfector™ are also proud to announce the launch of our Antimicrobial Copper Stickers that destroy up to 99.9% of bacteria on Touch Surfaces, 24/7. Our products are one of the few independently lab-tested antimicrobial technologies and it is registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA; # NV-97293 85341-3 FIFRA & CFR). 

 CopperDisinfector™ is non-toxic, chemical free, green, sustainable  antimicrobial copper for touch surfaces.  Door handles, handrails, tables, bars, medical equ. doctor offices, schools, offices, and provide tips on choosing the right product for your business. 

What Is CopperDisinfector™ Antimicrobial Foil ?

The CopperDisinfector™ disinfecting Peel N Stick tape is designed to destroy up to 99.9% of bacteria and other microorganisms. Moreover, our antimicrobial peel & stick has an adhesive back for easy installation on door handles, light switches, countertops, and other high-touch surfaces in your home and workspace.

If you are looking for a way to disinfect surfaces in your home or office,  CopperDisinfector™ antimicrobial tape is the best option for you!

Why Use CD Disinfectant Tape for Your Business Door Handle?

There are several benefits of using CD peel & stick for your business door handle. These include:

  • Reduce the spread of bacteria: Applying peel & stick to door handles is an easy way to reduce the spread of bacteria in your workplace. You can also use it on other high-touch surfaces, like light switches and countertops handrails tables etc.
  • Keep surfaces disinfected and secured: The peel & stick will keep surfaces disinfected. This helps employees and customers.
  • Easy to use: CD Peel & stick is easy to apply, making it an excellent option for businesses. You can also easily remove the copper film when it needs to be replaced.
  • Cost-effective: An excellent option for businesses on a budget. The use of CopperDisinfector™  peel & stick < $20.00
    means less spending on expensive, and frequently purchased cleaning products!
  • Mitigate the spread of illness:  UVC LLC and CD products  is an easy way to help mitigate the spread of illness in your workplace and home.

Tips On How to Choose the Right Disinfecting Tape for Your Business

When choosing a disinfectant tape for your door handle, consider the following factors:

Tips When Using Copper Antimicrobial Foil

There are a few things to keep in mind when using the CopperDisinfector™  peel & stick . These include:

  • Apply the tape to clean surfaces: Some disinfectant tapes require cleaning the surface before application.
  • Ensure that the surface is dry: Make sure that the surface is dry before applying the doorknob peel & stick.
  • Follow the instructions on the product label: It is essential to follow the instructions on the product label.
  • Do not use on food preparation surfaces: Disinfectant tapes should not be used on food preparation surfaces or surfaces that will come into contact with food.
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