CopperDisinfector™ sanitizes touch surfaces. Saves lives.

Turn the door handle.

Pick a grocery cart.

Grab the hand rail.

When do these everyday activities become health hazards to you and your family?

When the surfaces you touch carry viruses and bacteria.

CopperDisinfector™ is the first lab-tested Activated Copper Technology for touch surfaces.

CopperDisinfector’s exclusive, Activated Copper Technology kills germs up to 99.999% on touch surfaces.

CDC and EPA recognize the unique alloys in CopperDisinfector.

On February 29, 2008, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the registrations of five different groups of copper alloys as “antimicrobial materials” with public health benefits.

The antimicrobial Activated pure copper is a hundred percent  USA recycled and EPA registered.

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CopperDisinfector has been proven to kill Coronaviruses and other diseases on touch surfaces automatically. And, it is chemical free.

In 2015, Dr. Keevil, a leading microbiologist researcher from Southampton University, UK, tested the effect of certain copper alloys on Coronavirus 229E, a relative of CoVID-19, that causes common cold and pneumonia. He also tested the alloys with viruses that cause the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Swine Flu (H1N1). In each case, contact with the copper layer killed the pathogen within minutes. “It just blew it apart,” he said.

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CopperDisinfector is easy to install and replace.

CopperDisinfector destroys pathogens 24/7

CopperDisinfector is a protective film of Activated Copper for touch surfaces.

Studies show different surface materials, including stainless steel, harbor disease-carrying microbes for hours.

CopperDisinfector’s patent-pending, Activated Surface Technology kills microbes up to 25 times faster than other copper surfaces. When microbes land on its surface, copper ions immediately attack and kill the germs on contact, significantly reducing the risk of contagion.

About CopperDisinfector

CopperDisinfector rolls come in three different widths: three inches, six inches, and twelve inches. Each width is available in two different lengths: 25 and 50 feet.

Die cut and custom sizes are also available for surfaces such as buttons, bar tops, and table tops.

CopperDisinfector has an adhesive backing and an application layer for easy installation.

Additional products include the Clear Edge and Seam sealing tape for a smooth finish and two custom cleaning liquids—one to prepare the surface for installation and another to apply on the copper surface, following installation.

Surface maintenance

Touch surfaces with high traffic attract grime. This can reduce CopperDisinfector’s effectiveness as a disinfectant. Follow your normal cleaning routine to remove dirt.

For best result, use the Activator (our specially-formulated cleaning liquid) to clean the copper surface.

Installation service

If you’ve applied protection film on a window or a car surface, this job’s easy! Don’t want to tackle installation? Contact us.

CopperDisinfector can be applied to touch surfaces anywhere

In food services such as restaurants, health services such as hospitals and elder care facilities, hospitality services such as hotels and cruise ships, and educational services such as schools, for a start.

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