Did You Know Your Cell Phone Is 10x More Contaminated Than a Toilet Seat?

If recent years have taught us anything, all surfaces have more bacterial disease-causing microbes than we imagine! A research study at the University of Arizona found that the average cell phone has 10x the number of bacteria as a toilet seat! Protect your health - Disinfect your phone with USA Made, Recycled, Green, chemical-free, proven Patent Pending, CopperDisinfector™ Antimicrobial Copper Peel-N-Stick Phone Sticker.

Protect Your Family

CDC Director, Rochelle P. Walensky, recorded early this year that 8.7 million influenza illnesses, 78,000 hospitalizations, 4,500 associated deaths, and 14 pediatric deaths have been attributed to influenza alone.

Influenza, RSV, Colds, & COVID-19 have come together to pose a Tridemic, thus becoming a severe health threat to our communities.

Luckily, CopperDisinfector's™ EPA Registered Antimicrobial Copper, Green, USA-made and chemical-free technology reduces up to 99.9% of bacterial pathogens on Touch Surfaces.

Therefore, the  EPA Registered CopperDisinfector™ Antimicrobial Peel-N-Stick Foil Tape reduces up to 99.9% of all disease-causing bacteria. 

On March 11th, 2011, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provided the complete registration of copper alloys as "antimicrobial materials" with public health benefits.

CopperDisinfector™ Antimicrobial Copper Peel-N-Stick Foil Tape technology is recycled and made in the USA.


CopperDisinfector™ Antimicrobial Peel-N-Stick Foil Tape uses Antimicrobial copper to disinfect touch surfaces...



CopperDisinfector™ Antimicrobial Peel-N-Stick Phone Sticker is a thin and lightweight, protective Antimicrobial...



Our CopperDisinfector™ Antimicrobial Peel-N-Stick Water Bottle Disinfector™ offers everyone an effective way...



CopperDisinfector™ Antimicrobial Peel-N-Stick Pen Stickers are convenient for disinfecting writing instruments...



CopperDisinfector™ Antimicrobial Peel-N-Stick Foil Tape is a chemical-free, green, and effective way to disinfect your surfaces 24/7 without reapplication. EPA Reg., Antimicrobial Copper Technology destroys up to 99.9% of bacteria on touch surfaces without using any chemicals. Now, For the Price of a Hamburger, you can protect your family, guests, and employees for years. Easy to apply Peel-N-Stick design. CopperDisinfector™ Antimicrobial Copper is cost-effective and eco-friendly.

About CopperDisinfector™

CopperDisinfector™ Antimicrobial Peel-N-Stick Copper foil tapes are available in different sizes: 4”, 8”, 12”, 24”, 32” x 20’ or 50’ rolls on a standard 3” core.

Surface Maintenance Disinfection

High-traffic touch surfaces can get dirty over time, but CopperDisinfector’s™ Antimicrobial Peel-N-Stick Foil Tape effectively disinfects touch surfaces, protecting them from bacterial pathogens. 

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Installation and Application

We need you if you’ve ever applied a window tint or have wrapped a car! This job will be a walk in the park! So, go ahead and inquire about this great business opportunity. 

However, if you don’t want to do the installation yourself, you can contact us, and we’ll do it for you.

CopperDisinfector™ Antimicrobial Peel-N-Stick Foil destroys bacterial pathogens 24/7.

CopperDisinfector™ Antimicrobial Peel-N-Stick Foil Tape reduces the transmission of bacterial pathogens.

Antimicrobial disinfecting copper film of Activated antimicrobial Copper™  for touch surfaces.

CopperDisinfector™ Antimicrobial Peel-N-Stick Foil Tape, Activated Surface™ Technology reduces disease-causing bacteria.


1Can I use the water bottle disinfector inside the water bottle?
Use only on the surface of water bottles. Do not use on bottle spout or inside water bottle due to chocking hazards and possible sharp edges causing a cutting hazard. only use on outside of water bottle
2Do I need to replace any hardware to use CopperDisinfector?

No, CopperDisinfector works with most types of surfaces. What’s more:

● CopperDisinfector needs no downtime for installation.
● CopperDisinfector last for years.
● CopperDisinfector is replaceable, if damaged.

3Should I install CopperDisinfector myself or schedule an Installer’s service?
If you want a mostly-wrinkle free and long-lasting installation, we recommend a trained installer. CopperDisinfector is flexible and a handyman can install it easily with a little practice. Refer to our Installer’s Guide and Videos for details. Alternatively, you can schedule an installer’s service when you purchase the product.
4Where do I find an approved installer?
Please go to our list of installers to find an installer closest to you. If you can’t find an installer/dealer please contact us for more information.
5Can I use CopperDisinfector on outside surfaces?
Yes. The adhesive is waterproof, once installed. Over time the surface may corrode (turn green, if not cleaned regularly) when exposed to weather, especially rain/humidity or salt air.

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